Super Health Club

Super Health Club 11.5

A tycoon manager game about a health club

Assume the role of a manager of a health club and organize its work to maximize profits. The game features mechanics of updating equipment, hiring, managing and firing staff, creating exercise programs and attractions, etc. Multiple goals and quests are available.

The previous manager made a huge mess of it and left the health club heavy in debt. It’s now up to you to make the health club profitable again. Make all the daily business decisions to achieve the most profit but remember to keep your staff members happy or you will see your goal slipping out of your fingers.

DongSaeng has been drawing Bara for over 7 years. Drawing inspiration from other great Asian & Western artists like Gengoroh Tagame, Jiraiya, Takeshi Matsu, Humbuged and many others. Added to that, DongSaeng is also an avid gamer. So you can be sure that he will work with a true gamers passion on all the art. So that Super Health Club will become the English Bara game everybody has been waiting for.

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